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Shopify Tech Partners Meetup June 2023: How to use the Build, Analyze, Iterate method for a Shopify App and How to lose $200k in a day (and how it made me the agency leader I am to)


Work.Life, Old Street, Rivington House, 82 Great Eastern Street, London EC21 3JF


June 27, 2023


6:00 pm


This event has expired.


Missed this event? Here is the recap.

What is the Build, Analyze, Iterate method for Shopify? Mat de Sousa has the answer.

The London Shopify Tech Partners Meetup is back, and our first guest speaker this June is the CEO and founder of The Wide Company. Amid the tipples and networking, he’ll be discussing how to get replies from users and gather feedback; how not to get stuck in your growth; and how to identify your weaknesses – and fix them.

We’ll also hear from Kyle Dutka of pb+j. His talk will be called How to Lose $200k in a Day (and How It Made Me the Agency Leader I Am Today). He’ll be telling us how courage isn’t a warm blanket, how belief doesn’t have to mean mindless optimism – and how when life gives you lemons, you can still make lemonade.

So on June 27, head on down to Old Street and the famous headquarters of for the most unmissable monthly event in the e-com calendar. You’ll have the chance to meet the team, the movers and shakers in the space, and you’ll have the chance to be featured in our Spotlight Series.

If you have any questions you’d love to ask please feel free to send them in before by heading here.

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Here's what you need to know about the Meetup:

📍 Location: Work.Life, Old Street, Rivington House, 82 Great Eastern St,London EC2A 3JF, United Kingdom

📆 Date: Tuesday 27th June 2023

⏰ Timings: 6:00 pm to whenever

🔖 The agenda:

  • Welcoming and Networking (6-6.45m)
  • Talks
  • More networking
  • The pub! ( 8-8.15 pm)

🎤 About the speakers

Mat de Sousa  is the founder and CEO of WideBundle and WideReview, 2 Shopify Apps he grew to more than 3500 users and $45,000 monthly recurring revenue. Today, Mat shares on Twitter and on his newsletter how he did it to help other founders do the same. 

Kyle Dutka spent the past two decades in the marketing and creative space. About 10 years ago, him and his co-founder Tom Collver embarked on the journey which is now known as pb+j: an ecommerce growth agency, focused on pouring gasoline on the proverbial fire of brave Shopify-focused brands. Father of two, lover of one (sorry, not sorry), he is currently focused on leading pb+j through an exciting phase of its own growth, while still taking Friday's off to be present with his family in a 4-day-work week pilot. Canadian born, living in the UK countryside, with a strange addictions to apples (not the brand, like the literal fruit. 3-4 a day, it's a problem.)

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